Sri K. Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore

The State Government was very seriously considering the establishment of an Art Gallery in the State capital. This cherished desire fructified itself when Sri Ramaraju, the nephew of late Sri K. Venkatappa an artist of international repute, came forward to present to the Government of Mysore, the art works of Sri K. Venkatappa. In 1966, Government of Mysore decided that an art gallery with the collection of the famous paintings, bas-reliefs in plaster of Paris and Musical instruments- all creations of Sri K. Venkatappa, as the nucleus. The result is now people can see a beautiful piece of modern architecture, executed by the State Public Works Department, adjacent to the Government Museum, Bangalore. This building is named after artist himself and is situated in an idyllic spot in an artificially created Island. One of the interesting features of this art gallery is that the entire gallery is air-conditioned. The building is planned to have 5 floors in course of time. Now, only the ground floor and the first floor have been completed (Pl. XXV a).

Besides the permanent exhibitions, all the above Government museums organise periodic exhibitions. Regular film shows and guided tours form the main educational activities. Frequent requests from schools and colleges from rural areas, and other cultural organisations, to arrange special exhibitions are also promptly complied. In short the State Museums are trying to serve the community in the process of social change.

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