Government Museum, Shimoga

There was a great demand for a museum in the district headquarters of Shimoga. Thanks to the help and enthusiasm of many local people and particularly of Sri H L. Nagegowda, I.A.S., a Museum was started in the present Library building in the town of Shimoga. It is still housed in the Library building. It is the desire of the Government to have a building of t its own commensurate with the needs of the city and the needs of the collection. Collections of this museum consist mostly of Art and Archaeology. A large number of sculptures have been collected and presented in the museum. As we know, the district of Shimoga and the adjacent district of North Kanara are very rich being the centre of the early Kadamba Dynasty. This art is full of beautiful specimens of sculptures and it is our endeavour to enrich the Museum and give an opportunity to the public, to the students of this area to see and enjoy the early art of Karnataka.

About kararch

This is the Official Website of Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage, Government of Karnataka, under the Ministry of Culture that is responsible for archaeological studies and the preservation of cultural monuments. The function is to "explore, excavate, conserve, preserve and protect the monuments and sites of State, National & International Importance.

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