Government Museum, Chitradurga

Thanks to the personal effort and love for the local antiquities of one Sri Hullur Srinivasa Jois, a small museum was started. Initially it consisted only of antiquities from the famous site of Chandra valli which was excavated by the Department of Archaeology and Museums in 1947. But later on, it increased its collection from the area around. The tradition was continued by the son of Sri Hullur Srinivasa Jois, who was an Honorary Curator, when the museum came under the administration of the Department of Archaeology and Museums at a later date. The Museum is located in the. 2 rooms at the gate locally called “Rangayyana Bagilu”. The antiquities presented are mainly of local importance and are collected from Chandravalli, Brahmagiri and Chitradurga itself. Many of the antiquities belong to the famous Nayaks of Chitradurga. Recently, with a view to develop this museum, a new room has been constructed above the Rangayyana Bagilu and it is hoped before long a new site will be available for the construction of a suitable building for museum at Chitradurga.

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